Wednesday, 2 January 2013


On 10&11 weeks the topic of our classes was Internet. It is global information system and  largest network in the world that connects people/organization all over the world. And it has no formal management organization.

There are different reasons why people use the Internet. This is some of them:

  • Find general information /Access Information.
  • Send (upload) or receive (down load) files between computers.
  • Participate in discussion groups, such as mailing lists and newsgroups.
  • To Correspond/meet with people
  • To learn, read news, find software, buy things
What is web?

  • The World Wide Web also known as web.
  • It contains hypertext links, or highlighted keywords and images that lead to related information.
  • A collection of linked Web pages that has a common theme or focus is called a Web site.
  • The main page that all of the pages on a particular Web site are organized around and link back to is called the site’s home page.
Web Browsers

  • Is a software program that is used to view web page.
  • Web browser works by using a protocol called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to request a specially encoded text document from server.
  • Examples of Web browser: Netscape Navigator (Navigator) and Internet Explorer

Internet Protocol

  • set of rules, or protocol that allow user to transfer file from one computer to another.
  • the most common transfer protocol used on the Internet is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • HTTP: set of rules, or protocol that enables hypertext data to be transferred from one computer to another
  • allow user to retrieve a wide variety of resources such as text, graphics, sound animation and other documents
  • is a protocol used  to access data on web

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