Thursday, 3 January 2013

Learning and living in AIU

Coming to Malaysia was my first experience in traveling abroad. Everything was so unusual and I couldn't believe that I wasn't in Russia anymore. However, after few weeks it became much easier than before.
Living in AIU is something new for most students because now we're living apart from our parents,from our friends. but living in hostel with other girls from different countries is good chance for us to become more independent. When you're living in place,where's a lot of people with their own customs, you must be respectful for that people's culture. And I'm sure that this is very important experience for us because it will be helpful in our future life.

When I came to Malaysia I was scared that it will be very difficult for me to study abroad because starting from now everything will change, I thought so. But now, when my study has already started, I don't worry. I just believe that I'll make everything that in my forces to succeed. Also,that I have parents who believe in me and a lot of new friends help me to be more confident.
In summary, I'd like to say that I really enjoy my learning and living in AIU. And I hope that other students also happy to live and study here. I wish them good luck.